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Property valuation with tradition


Dr. Paul M. Sobota


Mobile: +49 (0) 178 60 33 431

About us




Dr. Paul M. Sobota

Expert for real estate valuation


Mobile: +49 (0) 176 55 66 2343

  • Experienced:
    As an real estate appraiser, I am running the office in the second generation. In the family business, I have learned the "craft" of property valuation over the years and know how to use this experience to calculate the market value of your property.


  • Market oriented:
    A precise and correct assessment requires precise knowledge of the local market. As a native born in Langenfeld and living in Düsseldorf, I am very familiar with the local conditions.


  • Competently:
    Entrust the appraisal of your property to a specialist. I am a civil engineer with a PhD from Cambridge University, who is still active in structural planning. Hence, I know how to judge prices, quality and future trends with confidence based on my everyday work.

  • Qualified:
    My high quality standards are also proven by my previous career steps. What I do stands on solid ground. I create my reports with the same conscientiousness and care as my structural designs.


  • Independently:
    Out of love for the subject, I work part-time as a reviewer. While I am creating something new in the planning, as an appraiser I analyze its value. The advantage for you:
    You can save VAT thanks to the small business regulation!


Dipl.-Ing. Paul Sobota Sr.

- Consulting expert -


  • With more than 40 years of professional experience as a civil engineer, I know the construction industry with all its facets.

  • As a project developer, I always see the potential of a property - be it developed or undeveloped - and know how to assess its value.

  • Even during retirement, I am happy to provide advice when there is a tricky detail to discuss in the team.


  • Doctoral Certificate (University of Cambridge)

Zertifikat Promotion Ingenieurwesen
  • Master's certificate (RWTH Aachen) - final grade "very good"

Bauingenieur Zeugnis Aachen, Sachverständiger Tragwerksplaner
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